Platinum Level Publishing and Marketing Combination Package

Platinum Level Package

Publishing Services include:
  • Paperback Edition – 5.25” x 8.25” trim size with B&W interior
  • Kindle Edition
  • Nook Edition
  • Epub Edition - For iPad platform
  • 25 Complimentary Paperback Books
  • 1 Complimentary Hardcover Book
  • One-on-one Author Support
  • Full Color Cover  - Provide your own artwork or choose a photo or illustration for your cover from over 1,000,000 photo and illustration options available on
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Electronic Proofs
  • Unlimited Images Allowed
  • U.S. Copyright and Library of Congress Control Number
  • Personalized Back Cover
  • Author Wholesale Program

  Paperback Author Wholesale Prices in Quantities of 25 or more plus shipping:

      Page Count        Suggested Retail Price   Author Wholesale Price 
18 - 100 $8.50 to $13.95 $4.50 each
101 - 200 $9.45 to $15.95 $5.45 each
201 - 300 $10.85 to $18.95 $6.85 each




    Hardcover Author Wholesale Prices in any Quantity plus shipping:

      Page Count        Suggested Retail Price   Author Wholesale Price 
18 - 100 $18.75 to $22.95 $14.75 each
101 - 200 $20.92 to $24.95 $16.92 each
201 - 300 $23.08 to $26.95 $19.08 each




Marketing Services include: 

  • Professional Marketing Consultation
  • Online Distribution – Paperback edition will be available on Amazon, and more 
  • Kindle Edition available on 
  • Nook Edition available on 
  • Epub Edition available on 
  • Bookstore Availability - Your Paperback Edition will be available through Ingram, the largest wholesale distributor in the nation, making your book available for special order at more than 25,000 locations 
  • Monthly Marketing Newsletter for Authors
  • 250 Bookmarks - The bookmarks are 2” x 6” with a full color front. 
  • 100 Postcards - The postcards are 4" x 6" with a full color front with your cover art and ordering information on the back
  • Amazon Search Inside - With Amazon Search Inside, potential customers can browse sample pages and search inside a particular book to confirm that the title is just right for them. 
  • Amazon Keyword Search - Participating books are "tagged" with 10 applicable terms and keywords on Amazon's Product Detail page making your book easier to find by potential customers. 
  • 5 Professional Reviews - Reviews sell books. We will have our professional reviewers review your book within 15 business days and post the reviews on the two largest on-line retailers. You will have a chance to review and approve the reviews before they are posted. 
  • Electronic Galleys - Available for promotions and private distribution 

Publicity Services Include: 

  • Four Week Publicity Campaign - We will have one of our professional copy writers prepare a series of four (4) press releases for you from different angles and we will send each press release it to targeted list of at least 2,500 media outlets, blogs and websites that publish book reviews. We will ask the media contacts to contact you directly for review copies and interview requests. The list can be targeted by location, subject matter or both.
  • Social Media Consultation - Your Marketing Consultant will show you how to set up or expand your Facebook and Twitter account to expand your visibility as an author
  • Book Video Trailer - Your video trailer, upon approval, will be uploaded to more than 30 different online sites.



Call Toll Free 1-866-793-9365 to talk to a Publishing Consultant.  Payment plans are available.

Platinum Level Publishing and Marketing Combination Package
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