Best Seller Campaign

If you want to do everything you can to market and promote your book, this is the product for you.

Buying the Best Seller Campaign will save you over 15% in buying these marketing products separately. This marketing package includes all the following marketing products:

• Three Book Reviews
We will have our professional reviewers provide you with three (3) different book reviews and post the reviews on the two largest on-line retailers. 

• Web Design 
Bookstand Publishing can create a simple 3- to 5-page website for you with a unique domain name. For only $199, plus a monthly hosting and support fee of $4.99 and an annual domain name fee of $10.19, you can promote your book with your very own customized website.

• On Line Video Campaign
Video is the latest and most effective tool to increase online visibility for your book and get top listings for your book and website on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Through this Campaign, Bookstand Publishing will create a simple video based on your book cover and on key words and phrases related to your book, and will submit the video to more than 30 video and social bookmarking sites including YouTube and Yahoo! Video. If you prefer, you can supply us with your own video trailer, and we can submit it to the video and social bookmarking sites for you.

• Social Media Consultation
One of our Marketing Consultants will show you how to set up and/or expand your Facebook and Twitter accounts to expand your visibility as an author. Used properly, these social media tools can be used to expose your book to hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of potential book buyers interested in your subject matter. This consultation includes our two ebooks: Facebook for Authors and Twitter for Authors.

• Max Exposure Publicity Campaign
Repeated exposure of your book over time is the key to getting media outlets, bloggers and websites to over time to notice your book. With the Max Exposure Publicity Campaign, our professional copy writers will prepare a new press release and send it to a targeted list of at least 2,500 media outlets, blogs and websites that publish book reviews each week for eight (8) weeks. Each press release will be written from a different promotional angle and sent to a targeted list appropriate for the press release. We will ask the media contacts to contact you directly for review copies and interview requests. The lists can be targeted by location, subject matter or both. 

Call 1-866-793-9365 to talk to a Marketing Consultant.  Payment plans available.




Best Seller Campaign
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